Hip Hop, Spirituality & Empowerment

Hip-Hop is…coming home. It is a remembrance of our original truth, existence, and creative culture. In the moment, given to remember that we are light; free. Style is a verse expression. Be you. Backed with the foundation of indigenous community. Dance openly as the sparks of one flame. Rhyme and uncover time capsules of scriptural excellence- in the original tongue at the time of delivery. Lyrically one of a kind- every time. It opens.

Hip- Hop is happening right now. The 40th Anniversary of Hip-Hop celebrated the blossom of consciousness that occurred around the early 70s, in the Bronx, New York.  It never dies- as it is constantly being reborn- honored since the beginning of time.

One microphone and a voice or a circle of voices. Truth spoken in the rhythm and rhyme locking in the paradigm of Love driven Life. Like sculpting the ether into words- thus continuing to help shape the Divine. Creator will. Guru. The word manifests and with it we are blessed with the choice to vibrate light eternally.

Thank you Hip-Hop, Spirituality and Empowerment. Many all continue to inspire those who are called.



MC K. Swift

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Artists for Haiti – 2011

So I am on huff post blog and see that Ben Stiller is helping out with an “Artists For Haiti” fundraiser. First thing I do is google all the artist. Not one melanin filled face among the artists. You mean to tell me that there is not one Haitian artist in all of New York that could have participated in this “gala.” Then I went to the official site of the artists for Haiti and see these three names: former President Bill Clinton (a political hustler), Ben Stiller (a hollywood hustler) and David Zwirner (a NY art hustler). Now I know that Haiti is not going to see any of that money, just like the billions of dollars raised by the red cross when the earthquake first hit. Back to my original point there are plenty of Haitian artists and humanitarian organizations who are hands on when it comes to helping, encouraging and empowering the people of Haiti and Dominican Republic. They are sharing the same island if you did not know. Voodo Fe is just one of the NY based Haitian artists who makes music, clothes and art from recycled and found wooden items. Funtosalud International is a organization who’s members fly to the border towns of Haiti/Dominican Rep. to personally facilitate medical services, holistic medicine, language classes, arts/crafts and reproductive health/violence prevention workshops. They are also in the process of rebuilding a school that was destroyed during the earthquake and constructing a new medical facility that will support those same families living within the bordertowns. Check out their webiste for more information and to find out how you can donate time, money, supplies and more important empowerment.

Since Ben Stiller’s foundation is going to “benefit” from the art auction they should at least do their homework before claiming to be so helpful because if you are not assisting those on the front lines it does not matter how much money you “fundraise.” There are eight dates in New York alone, all at big money places. If you want to contact Ben and his co-horts check out the site HERE and let them know how you feel.

Dresses For Haiti pt2 (models)

Please go to Dresses for Haiti.org for more information.

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Dresses For Haiti pt1

Please go to Dressesforhaiti.org for more information.

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