Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen v7

Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen v4 (photos)

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Who is DJ Chela?

Only one of the premier female DJ’s in the tri-state area. When she is not chopping it up on the 1’s and 2’s globally and locally she is killing it with her live acoustic guitar set. Let’s not forget the radio show. It’s on ustream if your interested. DJ Chela has just been featured on Beyond Race Magazine.. She also participated in a round table discussion called “I am an artist first” featuring Miss Laurie, Bless Roxwell, Eagle Nebula, Likwuid, AtLas, and DJ Nickiee. Be sure to check out her footage from the Winter Music Conference 2009 Spin Off where she placed 2nd out of 36 DJ’s.

Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen v2: Faith

The official mixtape for the event. Go get it!

The official mixtape for the event. Go get it!

A Womyn of color response to faith, feminisim and hip hop. pictures after the break