Hip Hop, Spirituality & Empowerment

Hip-Hop is…coming home. It is a remembrance of our original truth, existence, and creative culture. In the moment, given to remember that we are light; free. Style is a verse expression. Be you. Backed with the foundation of indigenous community. Dance openly as the sparks of one flame. Rhyme and uncover time capsules of scriptural excellence- in the original tongue at the time of delivery. Lyrically one of a kind- every time. It opens.

Hip- Hop is happening right now. The 40th Anniversary of Hip-Hop celebrated the blossom of consciousness that occurred around the early 70s, in the Bronx, New York.  It never dies- as it is constantly being reborn- honored since the beginning of time.

One microphone and a voice or a circle of voices. Truth spoken in the rhythm and rhyme locking in the paradigm of Love driven Life. Like sculpting the ether into words- thus continuing to help shape the Divine. Creator will. Guru. The word manifests and with it we are blessed with the choice to vibrate light eternally.

Thank you Hip-Hop, Spirituality and Empowerment. Many all continue to inspire those who are called.



MC K. Swift

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Who is DJ Chela?

Only one of the premier female DJ’s in the tri-state area. When she is not chopping it up on the 1’s and 2’s globally and locally she is killing it with her live acoustic guitar set. Let’s not forget the radio show. It’s on ustream if your interested. DJ Chela has just been featured on Beyond Race Magazine.. She also participated in a round table discussion called “I am an artist first” featuring Miss Laurie, Bless Roxwell, Eagle Nebula, Likwuid, AtLas, and DJ Nickiee. Be sure to check out her footage from the Winter Music Conference 2009 Spin Off where she placed 2nd out of 36 DJ’s.

Percy Sutton R.I.P.

Civil rights attorney and politician Percy Sutton has died.

The son of a slave, Sutton first moved to New York City after serving with the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II.

He went on to open a law office in Harlem where he represented Malcolm X, his family and many other defendants.

Sutton broke barriers by serving as a New York State Assemblyman before taking over as Manhattan Borough President in 1966 — the state’s highest-ranking black elected official at the time.

He also mounted two unsuccessful campaigns for US Senate and city mayor.

Sutton rescued the famed Apollo Theater in 1981, by purchasing and renovating it for a quarter million dollars.

Reverend Al Sharpton is expected to hold a news conference at the famed theater later today.

Napoleon: Life of an Outlaw

Source: streetknowledgemedia
See more information at lifeofanoutlaw.com
The purpose of the Napoleon Project, is to highlight the inspiring story of Mutah Beale, formally known as Napoleon of Tupac’s Outlawz.

While the numbers of people who have been inspired by Mutah’s story truly reach in to the thousands and even millions. For the first time we will truly get the chance to have the inside look at the various stages he went through in life.

COINTELPRO: Fred Hampton

Source: MXGM

A War for your Soul. UPDATED!

The video in full can be seen on vimeo.
A filmmaker and public speaker, Reggie Bullock is a vibrant voice and accomplished role model for the youth of today. On March 15, 2009, Reggie’s short film “A War For Your Soul” was independently released on the internet, and has catapulted as a “stirring, epic and inspirational” video for today’s generation”. Over 1.5 million internet viewers have watched “A War For Your Soul” in seven months. The video has garnered praise from mayors, city leaders, youth and civic organizations from Ghana, Israel, the Caribbean, U.K. and other countries for sparking dialogue in encouraging adults to play a more active role in educating children.

On Oct. 14th, Popular radio host Michael Baisden said “This is a must see film”.

Reggie is currently active as a noted speaker, conducting speaking engagements throughout the country. For speaking engagements contact warforyoursoul.com or reggie.bullock@comcast.net

This video was created to inspire young at-risk African-Americans not to fall prey to some of the problems they face in society. The “Master of Darkness” represents that abstract concept of evil that has the potential to reside in the consciousness of mankind.

This video should not to be used to divide people (Black & White).
This video should not be used to criticize all aspects of hip-hop culture.
This video should not be used to allow the rest of society to escape from their responsibility, to help with financial & academic support.

If used properly, this video will allow our youth to see some of the horrific conditions that their ancestors fought through and some of the horrific conditions they face today.

An extensive commentary about the film can be seen at warforyoursoul.com


Precise Science “Time”