Hill Harper’s new book. “The Conversation.”

The CSI actor and author of “Letters to a Young Brother” and “Letters to a Young Sister,” Hill Harper discusses black relationships in his new book “The Conversation.” While the official release date is September 8, Harper encourages people to support “The Conversation” via pre-sales to prove to prospective sponsors of his planned city-to-city book tour, which includes town hall discussions, that this issue is important.

I was encouraged to make this post after hearing Harper’s interview on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Harper spoke about the “All black men are playas” and “All black women are gold-diggers” stereotypes that we we allow to separate us when we accept them as truth. “The Conversation is the first non-fiction book chosen by the ESSENCE book club.

Below is a letter that Hill Harper wrote to members of his website ForRealSolutions.com

Hey everyone, it’s Hill Harper, and I am writing you today because I NEED YOUR HELP!

The statistics are startling: In 1966, over 80% of African American children were being raised in two-parent households; in 2006, that number had plummeted to 31%

Or, get this: 70% of Black professional women are single. Smart, successful women with no suitors?! What’s going on?

If we don’t start addressing the issues between Black men and Black women, we will bear witness to the destruction of the Black family. I won’t stand by and be silent.

It’s so important to me that I’ve written an entire book on the topic. The Conversation, will be hitting bookstore shelves this September.

My goal is to host a city to city tour of FREE town halls where we can all come together and have a real conversation about what’s really going on. I want single folks, married folks—young and old—to courageously let their voices be heard around this topic that is often discussed on talk radio or afternoon TV shows, but rarely taken on face-to-face within our communities.

AND, I want singles to have the opportunity to mix and mingle at these town halls. Let’s connect singles together in every city we visit!

It’s no secret that a tour like this one—free of charge to its attendees—would be expensive and require corporate sponsorship dollars. I must to prove to the prospective sponsors that this issue is important to us all. How do we do that? I can prove that we care about this issue by sharing high book pre-sale numbers with them. And by tracking what area of the country the pre-sales come from, we can be sure to schedule the tour cities for those areas.


We all have to join The Conversation and begin to work on these relationship issues.

Thank you so much for all of your support.

Let’s do this together,

Hill Harper