Who is Madison Who’s Who?

So I needed some work and went for an interview at Madison Who’s Who in NY in the borough of Queens. It was labeled as an inside sales but ended up being more like insider trading(straight scam). The trainer introduced himself using an a.k.a. and even went into to say it is because his real name is African and hard to pronounce. I was not surprised, this is America, and I really wanted to know about the money$. Another person there, going through training like myself “googled” the company while we were on lunch break. That’s when the real shit came out. Madison Who’s Who Google results showed that the company had 87 complaints(under 4 different sub-company names) on the Better Business Bureau website. They are NOT an accredited business. Hubpages.com was only one of many site where people/customers/victims/scamees posted their long list of complaints ranging from unauthorized charges to undelivered items. If you have time read some of the comments. There are even some comments from people who worked there for a short time. Sad. In a time when people are looking for work everyday and people that have jobs want to hold on to them, there are individuals out there making the situation harder. Where is the Feds when you need them? Where is Help Me Howard when you need him? Where is the any entity that calls itself a watchdog type? Anyhow don’t take my word for it, use the internet and google for yourself. Keyword “Madison Who’s Who Scam.” The craziest thing to me it that no NY based journalist has attempted to cover this.

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