Nigel Sylvester “Google him!”

I first came across Nigel Sylvester while on 13th Witness site watching a video called Run 4 Cover. (Click on the link to go to vimeo to see the video) Nigel is a professional BMX rider who is mad nice by the way. I remember going to New Jersery in the 80’s to watch my cousins race BMX dirt bikes and have been hooked ever since. I eventually lost interest because the was no color in the sport. Nigel has changed that and peaked my interest once again.
Here are some photos from a 2009 Gatorade event called “Because I Grind” featuring Nigel. The rest of the photographs are on which is a dope ass marketing, promotions and brand management company.

The video below is also from the attached to the event and it is called Gatorade Go All Day: The Night Episode.

If you don’t know who Nigeal Sylvester just google him or go to youtube, because they the same company anyway. He is skilled and can maneuver with the NYC streets with ease. I must say it cannot be easy for the 13th witness to keep up with him too.

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