Who is Marquita Pring?

I don’t know how I went from Ninjasonik breaking up to finding Marquita Pring but I am glad I did. Whoa! (like joey) She is so hot and I would love to photograph her but she is a Ford agency model and who the hell is positivelightpromotions. Right? Wrong I will find out how to get to this model. Anyhow check out the photo from the V magazine spread called “Curves Ahead.”

Photograph by Solve Sundsbo for V magazine

In*Tandem magazine posted all the photographs from the shoot in January of 2010.

Quick’s catch up had it as well.

But the funniest post of all had to be the 352 comments on models.com The people were either fat friendly or anti-anoxeria or just plain crazy. Some people did just actually comment on the photography (which is great by the way) and clothes. I just wonder why this particular issue has people up in arms. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make the stud/mare drink. Here are some more photos that I found on Marquita’s Model Mayhem page. Enjoy! More photos after the jump

Photograph by Jerome Obery

Photograph by Alexander Neumann

Photograph by Alexander Neumann

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