Abbda Wone and Mauratanias desperate plight

In Honor of Mauritania’s symbolic Independence Day, Nov 28th, please tune in to hear a show that is making a difference in lives of disenfranchised members of the French Diaspora. For 800 years, internal conflict has existed between Arabs and Blacks in Mauritania resulting from the issue of Black slavery, an integral part of Mauritanian society.

Since Mauritania’s independence from France in 1960, Black groups have repeatedly charged the government with discrimination and enslavement. Black slaves, estimated to be between 100,000 to a million, serve their Arab masters and most remain in bondage their entire lives. Ethnic violence in 1989 sparked the Mauritanian government to exile thousands of blacks. Roughly 20,000 Mauritanian refugees are still living in neighboring Senegal.

Mauritania theoretically outlawed slavery in 1981 and the government continues to deny any practice of racial discrimination. The U.S. State Department has routinely cited Mauritania for slavery in its human rights reports. However since Mauritania’s cooperative participation in the Middle East peace process, the U.S. government has not cited Mauritania’s human rights violations regularly. FLAM In 1983, the African Liberation Forces of Mauritania (FLAM) was established.

FLAM was created by a group of black Mauritanian leaders looking for a unified body of various black organizations “engaged in fighting the continuous racial oppression against the black community.” Join L. De Soleil in her fight to call attention to modern day racism, slavery , and the forced deportation and refugeeing of our fellow human beings. She welcomes Abda Wone who is an exiled political activist and freedom fighter, who with F.L.A.M’s efforts to liberate and call attention to the plight of his fellow Mauritanians should be applauded.
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