Percy Sutton R.I.P.

Civil rights attorney and politician Percy Sutton has died.

The son of a slave, Sutton first moved to New York City after serving with the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II.

He went on to open a law office in Harlem where he represented Malcolm X, his family and many other defendants.

Sutton broke barriers by serving as a New York State Assemblyman before taking over as Manhattan Borough President in 1966 — the state’s highest-ranking black elected official at the time.

He also mounted two unsuccessful campaigns for US Senate and city mayor.

Sutton rescued the famed Apollo Theater in 1981, by purchasing and renovating it for a quarter million dollars.

Reverend Al Sharpton is expected to hold a news conference at the famed theater later today.

Did Kanye West sell his soul to the devil?

“I sold my soul to devil, I know it’s a crappy deal at least it came with a few toys like a happy meal.”
Professor Griff said that you have to bond yourself to the deal makers for life. What is Kanye doing? It he going to break the bond (oath) like Tupac did? You be the judge.

Napoleon: Life of an Outlaw

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The purpose of the Napoleon Project, is to highlight the inspiring story of Mutah Beale, formally known as Napoleon of Tupac’s Outlawz.

While the numbers of people who have been inspired by Mutah’s story truly reach in to the thousands and even millions. For the first time we will truly get the chance to have the inside look at the various stages he went through in life.

Digiwaxx Holiday party @ Union Bar.

Digiwaxx invited my to their annual holiday party at the Union Bar. A good time was had by all. Don’t forget to check out their blog. They break records!
pictures after break

Cuban Five: Open letter to President Obama

Havana City, September 25, 2009.
Dr. Barack Obama
President of the United States of America .
Mrs. Michelle Obama

Estemeed sister and brother Michelle and Barack:

Peace and well-being for you. We greet you with great affection.

We are a group of cuban protestant women, lay leaders, pastors, and theologians that are addressing you in your capacity as the family presiding over the government of the United States of America .

We believe you have been elected in a transparent electoral process, with the endorsement of the vast majority of your people, and we are glad that is the case. It is a great responsibility for both of you, as it is undoubtedly, feeling that God has chosen you for this time as Mordecai would say when defending the Jewish people, before Queen Esther (Esther 4: 14 b). We have asked God to bless you in your responsibility to lead the destiny of your Nation along the best ways as well as your relations with the rest of the world.

On the occasion of such a meaningful celebration of the Thanksgiving Day, in which two cultures met in an historical effort to achieve reconciliation and unity, we are addressing you to request that the case of the Cuban five men in prison since 1998 in the USA charged with espionage be reviewed: Antonio Guerrero, Ram Labano, RenGonzez, Fernando Gonzez and Gerardo Herndez, who have already been in prison for eleven long years.

They were sentenced in 2001. A long process of appeals has taken place during the last years. The Defence has emphasised the partiality of the site, the extreme sentences, and particularly the fact that the US national security was never endangered (affirmed by high representatives of the US Army). However, only three of them have managed to be re-sentenced in Miami .

We are begging you that the process of appealing be studied, the hundreds of documents compiled by the Defence, the decision of the three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals of 2005 and the frequent violations of human rights that are found in this process, acknowledged by international institutions, parliaments, and the public opinion of many countries.

Obama, you are a man who is taking firm steps towards the way of justice, as a worthy and unquestionable heir of Martin Luther Kings way of thinking and we thank God for that. The Nobel Peace Prize you have received is rather than an honour, a challenge to be consistent with the principles of justice of that award and with the long list of names supporting it.

Michelle, we admire your life itinerary and we hope that as a wife and mother, you may be able to place yourself in Adrianas shoes, her impossibility to have a child, out of this reason.

On this Thanksgiving Day, one word from you, one of your signatures, could change the uncertain destiny of these young men, allowing them to return to their homes, back to their families, to enjoy the same well-being and joy that you experience together with your two daughters. Read the rest of this entry »

Governor Paterson’s Budget Plea

“Cut The Deficit With Me Or I’ll Do It Myself”
Dear Friend,

The stakes could not be higher for the future of our state.

During the state’s budget battles of the last year, I have fought to do what’s right for the people of New York despite intense opposition from special interests and state legislators who refuse to confront fiscal reality.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been fighting for a deficit reduction program that would close our current $3.2 billion gap in our current fiscal year and reduce the nearly $7 billion next year. We have to make immediate, substantial cuts reducing our spending.

We cannot raise taxes — New Yorkers’ tax burden is already high enough. We should not borrow any more money — it will cost us more in the long run. And we simply cannot spend money that we don’t have. We need responsible solutions to cut the deficit and we need them now.

This is why on Tuesday, I delivered a clear message to the legislature: cut this deficit with me or give me the power to do it myself.

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