Cynthia McKinney, Charles Barron, M1. Report from Gaza.

Hotel Hostages? (M1 of Dead Prez, Cynthia McKinney and Councilman Charles Barron included)

As some of you already know, we are currently back in Cairo after our 12/14 hour ordeal at the Suez Canal Bridge Checkpoint. Good news is that we have now reunited with the entire convoy so that when we return, we will be 200+ strong. Even though, I must add that our 4 vans of 50 members that held out the other night were outstanding and had an extreme impact. We did not back down, even when they had triple the amount of people surrounding us including police, military, riot police and intelligence officers.

We are now all back with the others in the hotel….however are not allowed to order coaches or buses to pick us up until the Foreign Ministry approves us leaving Cairo. We are harassed at every single movement out of the hotel, sometimes not allowed to move at all. Every single member went to their respective embassies and got the peice of paper stating that they are entering Gaza at their own risk. Oh, and it cost them a total of $30 each to do so. George Galloway is back in Cairo, Cynthia McKinney, Lowkey, M1 from Dead Prez and Mazzi all arrive today.

Later int he day I get a call from the Foreign Ministry stating that they are granting us permission on the following terms:

1) We only have 24 Hours in Gaza and anyone that overstays will not get out for a few months until they breifly open the border again
2) We can not take the best of $1M that was donated by US citizens which brought the 47 vehicles that were sitting in Alexandria and that if we did want them to go through they would have to pass through the Israeli Checkpoint and not the Egyptian.
3) We have to give an itemized list of every single thing we are taking with expiration dates for each item (bearing in mind we had already packed 9 trucks with medical aid and supplies)….

We wanted to negotiate after a meeting with all members. Plus we had to wait for them to give the OK to leave the hotel. It was now a waiting game.

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