Shame on the Parks Department

Shame, Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame, Shame

Shame on the Parks Department. Yesterday I took my daughter to Sunrise Playground and saw this digusting mess. There was glass, GLASS, and debris around the water fountain and garbage all over the park. I took some pictures with a camera phone and also cleaned up the glass by the water fountain. One group was there with about 10 children and another women with her child and friend even said “This park is too ghetto for us, let’s go.” TOO GHETTO. This is Rosedale. A residential community with no bodegas, no corners to hang on and pretty green lawns. Someone must have called 311 because today they made the park look superb. Shame on the Parks Department Read the rest of this entry »

MTA Broke?

Is this the reason there is no money in the MTA budget. New trains with no ads. Why would they even use the new train is it could not help pay for itself. This is crazy. Read the rest of this entry »

Asher Roth music meeting @ Digiwaxx.

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MIMS Album release party @ CITRINE

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Akira-Adel Birthday Brunch


Happy Birthday Akira aka Ladii!

Happy Birthday Akira aka Ladii!

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Drop The Rock Rally @ Governor’s Office.

They even gave out the Patterson’s office number for everyone to call at the same time. Ha Ha!
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Homeland Hip Hop